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Top 10 Medical Colleges to study in USA

There is a saying that “there is no knowledge without a teacher,” and this is indeed true.

It takes the best university and teachers to make a good doctor out of a student. As in today’s generation, every student seeks the best university to get into, but it’s a very hard and difficult task given that there are thousands of options available.

Today we have done fair research and have made this list of the top 10 medical colleges you can attend in the USA.

#1 Harvard University:

With the most fame and demand in the world, Harvard comes at the top of this list. With an application fee of just $100, Harvard has a little over 10,000 working staff members. The tuition fee for Harvard is roughly 70k USD per year, and it is considered one of the best in the world. The deadline for applying there is October 24. Get in fast.

#2 New York University Grossman:

or better known as the School of Medicine, New York, has an application deadline of October 15. The university has over 1,100 faculty staff and just 110 application fees.

#3 Columbia University:

This is one of the outstanding universities to think about when choosing a college. With a staff of 2.4K members and 66K in annual tuition fees, the application fees for Columbia University are just 110 dollars at the moment. The deadline for applying here is the same as at New York University, i.e., October 15th.

#4 Johns Hopkins University:

Producing excellent medical experts every year, Johns Hopkins is one of the top-class universities that can’t be ignored at any cost. With a combined course duration of M.D. and Ph.D., the admission form fees here are also just $100.

#5 Duke University:

Ranked among the top 10 universities in the USA, Duke is probably considered one of the finest universities to get into. Try looking for it once, and you’ll see what I mean.

#6 University of California, San Francisco:

A world-class university in the heart of Silicon Valley. With all the tech giants situated in California, the University of California, of course, has the best of the best services available for its students. The application fees are just a little amount of 80 dollars, and the last date for applying here is October 15th.

#7 University of Pennsylvania:

This school, also known as the Perelman School of Medicine at Pennsylvania University, has a yearly tuition fee of $66k USD and a faculty staff of over 2,800 people. This is also known as the first medical school in the entire country, so it holds some specific value being the OG medical university. The application fee for the Perelman School is only $100.

#8 Stanford University:

With an early deadline of application submission on May 3rd, Stanford University is ranked as the 8th best university in the entire country. The application is $100 but the time limit is less than others. Grab the opportunity fast.

#9 University of Washington:

This is one of the highest ranked universities with the lowest application fees in the list. With an application fee of just $35, the University of Washington has a staff of over 3400 people and the top medical study campus in the state.

#10 Yale University:

With 70k USD full time annual tuition fees and just 35$ application fees, Yale University is the last great campus in this list. Their faculty staff consists of over 3300 people. The last date for submitting applications is also 15th October for Yale university.

Updated: May 4, 2022 — 11:53 am

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